The Life of Martin Yan


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The Life of Martin Yan
Martin Yan has led a most fascinating life. Indeed, I chose this person because he came from humble origins to make his mark in the alien world of America; he is the classic immigrant success story. My own opinion of Mr. Yan is that he is a remarkably hard-working and driven person who was unafraid to knock down walls and to create a new presence for Chinese-Americans on American television. Although his career has been typified by great success, it cannot be overlooked that he began as an outsider- an unknown Asian kid in America – and that he surely faced many negative obstacles (chiefly racism) before he found his niche. Without further ado, it is to the life of Mr. Martin Yan that this paper now turns.
He was...
The end:, 2010, para.2; Caldwell, 2003, p.210).
In the end, Mr. Yan is a special person who has never allowed racial assumptions, a lack of resources or overt hostility from traditionalists get in the way of his dreams. He is, without question, one of the more remarkable people to grace the American culinary scene.
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