The Legend of Vlad Dracula


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The beginning:
The Legend of Vlad Dracula
There is nothing that causes more expectation than a newborn. Everybody wants to know from how much it weighed to who the baby looks like. It is this fascination that has led philosophers and scientists to try and discover what makes a person the way they are. Babies are born with defined personalities and strong genetic information. Vlad Dracul was not the exception.
Who is Vlad Dracul
Vlad Dracul ‘Dracula”, The Impaler, son of Mircea de Old and heir to the throne of Valachia, was born in 1431. While little, he and his brother would join his father in war campaigns which trained them in the arts of the sword. During this period, his father had other two children. Vlad and his siblings also received proper...
The end:
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