The Launch of Goodyear’s Aquatred Line of Tires


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The Launch of Goodyear’s Aquatred Line of Tires
This case study analysis delves into topics related to the launch of Goodyear’s Aquatred line of tires. Goodyear must decide on how to best position the brand, select the optimal distribution segmentation, and identify the strongest sales and marketing channels to ensure that the Aquatred launch will be a success for the company.
Goodyear Aquatred Case Study
In the early part of 1992, Goodyear was set to launch a new brand of tire, the Aquatred, that the company had decided to sell into the U.S. replacement tire market. The new product launch has been deemed as one of great importance for Goodyear given their financial situation and declining market share in certain markets. In 1991,...
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.....penditures in traditional print and television media needs to be done in alignment with product launch to educate the public. Should sales struggle at the independent retailers, Goodyear may need to further incentivize dealers by promising rewards or bonuses for retailers that meet and exceed sales goals. During this time, Goodyear may also need to work with these dealers on sales strategies that will resonate with customers. If Gault and Goodyear follow these guidelines, there is a decent chance of success with the company’s Aquatred launch.
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