The Language of Advertising


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The beginning:
The Language of Advertising
Advertisements are used to try and get people to buy products. Since many products are essentially the same advertisers have developed a complex language that is used to persuade people to buy their product over others. To prove this point we are going to examine a 2010 advertisement for a Honda car sale(The Province C4).
In this essay it will be argued that the Honda car advertisement is successful because of its attractive layout and color, use of impressive elements, plausibility of its message and the use of beautiful Honda car images.
To begin this argument we can look at the use of brightly
arrows in the advertisement. If you look at the ad there are five large bright arrows pointing downward. The...
The end:
..... if you buy these cars at this time you will save a lot of money. Therefore, you can have a beautiful care and be economically responsible at the same time.
In conclusion, advertisements use a special language in order to try and persuade people to buy their products. In the case of the Honda advertisement(The Province C4)this language is extremely visible. Brightly
graphics attract the readers attention and focus their attention on key parts of the advertisements. Graphics can also suggest key concepts like decreasing prices. Pictures give the idea that you will be buying a beautiful product. To balance these emotional elements
the text appeals to your rational side.
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