The Justification of Faith in Select Letters from Paul


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The Justification of Faith in Select Letters from Paul
In this analysis of Paul’s letters, the justification of faith is one central problem that he consistently faces amongst his followers and his critics. Paul often faces challenges to the authenticity of apostleship and his faith, which he countermands by offering salutations to Christ as a supreme spiritual force that dominates his faith. This provides evidence of his dedication to Christ in the way that he recognizes Christ as a his supreme source of connection with God. In essence, the justification of faith is one problem that Paul addresses by validating his apostleship through salutations and devotion to Christ in his letters.
In Corinthians I, Paul faces the problem of...
The end:
.....rovides a resolution to the question of role as an apostle being distinct from the original twelve apostles that lived with Jesus.
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