The Issue of Conflict Management in the Workplace


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The beginning:
The Issue of Conflict Management in the Workplace
Cynthia Brewer
Mrs. Millar
English 111-70
Thesis Statement
This paper will discuss the issue of conflict management in the workplace. It will argue that conflict management has three dimensions: process, communication, and law. The purpose of the essay is to examine each of these dimensions of conflict management in the workplace, compare and contrast them to each other, and to build a model of conflict management that demonstrates how conflicts begin, how they continue or are defused, and how they end. The conclusion is that conflict management, like conflict itself, is a multi-stage process instead of a discrete function; proper intervention at any of the three stages can mitigate the...
The end:
.....sternly at Sheryl, who was sure she was going to be fired. Then, unexpectedly, James’ face softened.
“You’re absolutely right. Andy, I didn’t set the stage for you to take this job. That was a disservice to everyone. Roy, I never explained to you why I trust Andy so much; and, Andy, I never told you that we do have a sales culture here that doesn’t need to be shaken up.”
Roy and Andy, too, softened. They both realized that the CEO was responsible for setting the working and cultural context in sales, and that he had failed them. Roy extended a hand to Andy; Andy shook it warmly.
Sheryl breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled.
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