The Issue of Clients Who Fail to Comply with Treatment


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Position Paper: Clients Who Fail to Comply with Treatment
With very high numbers of older people entering hospital and those numbers continually increasing, the problem of compliance with care is becoming a serious issue across Canada. Many older people receive care and then are back in hospital soon again for the same condition or complaint. Typical situations range from the client with COPD who refuses to stop smoking to the person who is liable to falls but does nothing about hazards in their home. As a result of not taking health teaching seriously and of being determined to maintain their accustomed habits, these clients need to be treated repeatedly for the same problems. Such clients have multiple admissions to hospital. These...
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..... explore what noncompliance is and who defined it. The entire problem of noncompliance has to be examined in terms of the nurse patient relationship. Labeling a client as noncompliant is in opposition to the nurse-client relationship and also to basic nursing values. It is best not to focus on the client at all but on the very difficult situation of care.
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