The Investigation of Terrorism


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The Investigation of Terrorism
This paper shall discuss the investigation of terrorism. The change in paradigm of the purpose of investigation from the gathering of evidence to the collecting of intelligence is reviewed. Some of the investigative tools from the USA PATRIOT Act are examined. Objections to the investigative methods are voiced and a conclusion is reached that the absence of another terror attack is proof that the methods are working.
Investigating Terrorism
The horrific attacks of 9/11 brought the ugly truth of international terrorism to the forefront of the national consciousness, although the prior World Trade Center bombings were an act of terrorism the witnessing of the deaths of nearly three thousand lives on...
The end:
.....on of “at what price liberty?” must be at the forefront of any conversation. The price of living in a free society is not without risk, however the firm understanding of individual liberties and avoiding bumper sticker slogans is also an individual responsibility. The country cannot be transformed into a police state to prevent terrorist acts. At present the Constitution is alive and well and also in the nine years since the 9/11 attacks there has not been a repeat. It can be imbued that it is not from a lack of desire or trying on the part of the terrorist, but due to diligence on the part of law enforcement investigators and the proper employment of the investigative tools granted in the wake of the nations worst at of domestic terrorism.