The Inter-Dependence between Science and Literature


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The Inter-Dependence between Science and Literature
In the western tradition, science has developed into a merciless art. It may be termed merciless because it does not hesitate: it will reveal the dark just as unflinchingly as the light; it will reveal the most profound of mysteries and the darkest of secrets. Further, this revelatory power does not discriminate between nature and the human. Both are mercilessly explored. Literature has not been able to escape the anxieties brought forth by an ever advancing science. In order to demonstrate the inter-dependence between science and literature, an exploration of four texts will be performed: the four texts will be paired together in such a way so that the scientific text may be seen as...
The end:
.....sion noted in this essay had to do with the creation of new species. Darwin’s insistence on evolution and natural selection altered the role of religion in making designations of normal and abnormal. Shelley too was concerned with new species – especially when the creator is not God or nature, but instead, human. As is often the case, science, although provoking these anxieties in the respective texts, is silent on possible solutions.
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