The Influences of Race in Watertown, New York


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The Influences of Race in Watertown, New York
Like many communities across the nation, Watertown, New York, is a predominantly White community with a significant cross section of minority races. The racial composition of Watertown, more exactly, is 87.8% White, 4.9% African American, 3.6% Hispanic, and 3.7% other (Watertown, 2009). Despite the fact that more than 12% of the total population of some 27,000 is constituted by non-White racial minorities, however, politics and organization in the town appears to scarcely represent this fact. The following discussion, therefore, presents a first person analysis concerning the influences of race in Watertown, New York.
Observation on Physical Appearances of the Citizenry of Watertown
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.....n, Watertown is not a place characterized by any overt forms of racism or discrimination. However, Watertown is like many places in America where issues related to economics, politics, education, and so forth provide inhibitors to racial equity. In the final analysis, therefore, Watertown, New York provides an excellent opportunity to become a model for ethical social change for the nation.
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