The Influence of the Enlightenment on the Founding of the United States


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The beginning:
The Influence of the Enlightenment on the Founding of the United States
The Enlightenment refers to the eighteenth century philosophical movement that reconsidered the roles of religion, science, logic, and freedom in human lives. Borne primarily of European thinkers, the Enlightenment was greatly influential on a global scale, including in the newly developing “colonies” in North America that would go forward to become the United States of America. The concept of Humanism, the idea that humans were the center of the living world and should be studied and celebrated as such, dominated the Enlightenment and the themes its philosophers argued and wrote about in their texts (
1998). The Humanist and Enlightenment ideals of freedom from...
The end:
.....y future choices made by the Founding Fathers to create the U.S. as an ideal nation of democracy, equality, and freedom.
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