The Influence of Greek Architecture on the Lincoln Memorial


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The Influence of Greek Architecture on the Lincoln Memorial
Most art and history stands upon the shoulders of giants. Architecture is no different. In Washington D.C., the capital of America itself, one can see the monuments and memorials reflecting the architectural style of yore. This is no mistake- the context of one architectural movement informs the next. The Lincoln Memorial, one of the most memorable monuments on the mall, commemorates the spirit of Abraham Lincoln and what occurred during his presidency. It is in the Greek style of architecture, with some variations. This monument is truly unforgettable, using elements of Greek architecture like columns, marble, frieze and their true spirit of democracy to create a monument that is...
The end:
..... “The tendencies of Greek sculpture and architecture “are so interpreted that Greek art is made to tell a very vital and significant message about the personality and life and ideals of the Greeks” (Archaeological Institute of America 1915, 39). Through elements like the marble, the columns and steps and the frieze, one can see the true Greek tradition shine through. This makes the monument part of a history of great architecture but also reinterpreting this architectural style within a newer, American tradition that can be enjoyed for years to come.
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