The Industrial Revolution and its Effects


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The beginning:
The Industrial Revolution and its Effects
The Industrial Revolution was a critical phenomenon in modern history that forever changed the lifestyle of people not only in the nations where it began, but all around the world. This paper will briefly review the origins of this historical event and then argue that as the phenomenon spread into other areas of the world as a result of colonialization, it created unforseeable and not always positive effects.
England was the seedbed of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, where tremendous changes in transport, communication and industrial technology began to make their first tentative appearance in the late 18th century before spreading to the Continent and then the United States within a century...
The end:
.....1st century. An understanding of how these effects originated, evolved and spread should be an important element of striving for greater understanding modern-day issues such as globalization, post-colonialism, and problems of development in third-world nations.
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