The Importance of Understanding Melanoma Cancer


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The Importance of Understanding Melanoma Cancer
While many people believe that skin cancer may not be as serious as other types of cancers, the facts show this is not true. “Melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, will account for 68,720 cases of skin cancer in 2009 and most (about 8,650) of the 11,590 deaths due to skin cancer each year” (“Skin Cancer Facts”). People of all ages can be diagnosed as having skin cancer. The importance of understanding melanoma cancer can be seen by the statistics. A literature review will show how melanoma affects the skin, how to recognize the symptoms of skin cancer, the importance of prevention, and the association of use of tanning devices and skin cancer.
Understanding how melanoma affects the...
The end: the fact that tanning is changing the melanin in the skin color. A person should carefully consider the risks involved in using tanning devices because melanoma can become deadly.
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