The Importance of Professional Organizations


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The Importance of Professional Organizations
Each profession, no matter if it is in the medical, scientific, education, or for that matter any other field often requires very specific knowledge, knowledge which may be unique to each profession. While similarities exist between different disciplines, one of the more difficult aspects of career development is in fostering relationships of like minded individuals who may have unique insight into one’s chosen career path. Certainly, many different methods can be used to address this consideration, but through membership in a professional organization, clearer practical understanding of the unique aspects of any career path can be realized. Professional organizations help develop professional...
The end: membership in the ASTA will “offer opportunities for sharing information and for building professional relationships” (Fletcher, 1997, p. 155). At this stage in my development, it is important to keep an open mind to opportunities in any area, but the process I have used to establish ASTA as a potential future organization to which I can belong can be used to evaluate different organizations which could be important should my career shift.
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