The Impact of the World Trade Organization


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The Impact of the World Trade Organization
The World Trade Organization has been in existence for many years and today it is seen as a boon to many countries throughout the world as global trade is very important for the functioning of the global economy. The importance of the organisation is even more pronounced today with a world economy that is faltering due to the financial crisis that is being experienced by the developed economies around the globe. In the past few decades with the onset of globalization this need for trade around the world has been on the increase and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. In the light of the above the need for an institution that functions on a global scale and is an branch or...
The end:
.....developing economies that need it the most.
Based on the above it is the writer’s opinion that the ultimate goal of the World Trade Organization should be to ensure that its policies and procedures are customized to meet the best interests of each country that it serves and not simply provide a general plan that favours some countries over others (Jones, pp. 147 - 166). As that is the root cause of the irregularities and unfair practices that are experienced by developing economies.
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