The Impact of the Internet on Infidelity


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The beginning:
The Impact of the Internet on Infidelity
In a 1979 – years before the Internet, smartphones or laptop computing - Rupert Holmes recorded “The Pina Colada Song” about a guy who is “bored with his old lady.” He responds to an ad in a newspaper personals column that asks:
If you like Pina Coladasand getting caught in the rain,If you're not into yogaIf you have half a brain,If you like making love at midnightIn the dunes of the Cape,Then I'm the love that you've looked forWrite to me and escape (Holmes)
In the end the singer discovers that the ad was taken out by his lady, they learn romantic things they never knew about each other and rekindle their romance (Holmes).
Today under cover of online anonymity untold numbers of men and women...
The end:
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