The Impact of Religious Life and Freedom on the American Revolution and U.S. Constitution


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The beginning:
This paper shall examine the impact of religious life and freedom on the American Revolution and U.S. Constitution. It will look at a variety of documents from engravings to reliefs, and etchings that memorialize various forms of scripture and religious figures vital to the political development of the American Republic. 
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
The founding of the American Republic is closely intertwined with the idea of religion. In the Library of Congress, an exhibit exists which tells the story of how ideas of religious freedom commingled with the notions of civil liberties and eventually laid the civic cornerstone of the fledgling United States. This exhibit illustrates how this cornerstone was laid...
The end:
.....ivil liberties are descended from. This places religion at the center of American history. From the Bill of Rights i to the election of John F. Kennedy, the only Catholic a hundred and eighty years later, it made possible rights for women and minorities that would have been impossible without its place in American life and law. 
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