The Ideology of Oppression


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The Ideology of Oppression
Applying Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl to Freierian Educational Concepts
Many students who take English 101 are introduced to many foreign concepts that are integral to their education. I was one such student, and am determined to pass on the significance of one seminal reading, Paulo Friere’s “Challenging the Banking Concept of Education” in the context of education and history. Paulo Friere was a revolutionary educator, determined to change the status quo when it came to educating students. His ideals can be seen in practice in the experience of Harriet Jacobs. Jacobs describes her life in the famed narrative, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. Friere’s ideals can be seen within this...
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.....tion, one can take two very important ideas from Friere and Jacobs: patriarchy causes oppression that thwarts education, and experience is a way to gain deep and lasting knowledge. At the same time, the line between teacher and student should be blurred, for the cycle of education to expand and have the potential that Friere thought it could have. These three elements of the Friere text as applied to the Jacobs text are tools in the English student’s tool belt that can be brought anywhere a student hopes to take advantage of education.
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