The Idea of Covenant


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The Idea of Covenant
The basic idea of covenant is that it is an agreement between us and G-d as to how we should lead a moral life and how to get along with our fellow man. Many thinkers have discussed this idea over the years with many opinions as to exactly what covenant means. The following essay will explore the opinions of Jonathan Sacks—the current Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Eugene Borowitz, David Harman, Philip Selznick and Isadore Greenberg. Along the way, a discussion regarding the distinction between renewal and innovation will take place.
Jonathan Sacks emphasizes the point that convenant allows us to live with differences between us. He makes a difference between contract and covenant by saying that covenant is long- rather...
The end:
.....ality that supports Jonathan Sacks in his argument for covenants based on the major religions (Sacks, 193).
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