The Holy Spirit and Conversion


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The Holy Spirit and Conversion
An Analysis of the Missionary Journeys of Paul and the Moral, Social, and Political Issues in the Book of Acts
This religious study will examine the moral, social, and political issues that Paul faced as an early missionary for Christ in the Book of Acts. In Paul’s first missionary journey, he faces questions as to the moral validity of his support of conversion to Christ through the “problem” of the Gentiles. Paul resolves this moral dilemma by demanding that the Holy Spirit lives in gentile and Jew, regarding the politics and social structure of strict Christian faith under James at the Jerusalem Conference. Also, the second and third missionary journeys of Paul will be analyzed in this realization of the...
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.....gainst him, yet not without making massive conversions in the gentile communities. With the gentile communities being the center of his conversion apparatus in providing greater tolerance to those that believed in the Holy Spirit, Paul overcame great odds that were defined through orthodox Jewish communities that refused to believe in Christ as the Messiah.
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