The History of Postmodern Photography


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The History of Postmodern Photography
“One of the conditions of our times is the omnipresence of photographs and photographic images” (Grundberg 152). Photographs have had many roles in the history of photography, ranging from historical marking point to high portraiture to art object itself. Postmodern photography sees the photograph at a point where the image itself has an end to its historical significance as copy of object or moment in time. Photography means, in a postmodern context, the assemblage of new meanings within the medium and seeing the photograph itself as a piece of art. Postmodern photography assimilates the conceptuality of old modes of photographing and brings them into an artistic context, complicating but emphasizing...
The end:
.....stmodern photography attempts to do the same, while asserting the photograph as an art object and not a tool. Postmodern photographers also use the media very much in their own work, because it is such a postmodern and influential force in a postmodern artists life. In these ways, postmodern photography takes the photographic image to new heights and interpretations, the goal of the postmodern movement.
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