The History of John Wayne Films


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The History of John Wayne Films
John Wayne is known as one of America’s favorite heroes. “A Gallup Poll in 2001 listed Wayne as the favorite movie star of all time. For 25 consecutive years up till his death in June 1979, Wayne ranked among the top 10-ffice draws in the U.S.” (Lamb 26). Wayne has also been in the top ten of Harris Poll for America’s Favorite Movie Star since the poll began over 11 years ago. John Wayne has been the star of many movies and films dating back to the early 1930’s. John Wayne has been the star in westerns, comedy, war, and romance.
John Wayne started his role in the film industry dated back as early as the 1930’s as he starred in westerns. Some of the early films where Wayne was the star were silent movies, and...
The end: to be a hero for many people. The film history of John Wayne dates back to the 1930’s and it continues into the homes of many Americans today.
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