The History and Evolution of Sony Playstation


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The History and Evolution of Sony Playstation
65 percent: that is “the amount of United States households that play video games” ( And here is another number--18. That is the number of hours the average gamer spends playing every week. These statistics may seem rather remarkable to some of you, but it is a statistical fact about our contemporary society that the playing of video games is a huge part of our culture. For many, it is an integral part of their everyday life and forms one of their primary forms of recreation. The implications for the huge success of video games is far reaching, however this speech will not investigate the effects that video game consumption and usage has on our youths. Rather, this speech...
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.....first playstation, this one is equipped with an impressive 3.2 gigahertz CPU, and exponentially more sophisticated hardware and software. Because of the sophistication of the new PS3, as it is called, Sony’s line of gamin consoles continues to dominate the industry.
This had been a short introduction to the history and evolution of the sony playstation and the video gamin industry at large. We have tracked the success of the video game industry and the development of Sony’s consoles up through it most current generation of models. I hope that this expository speech has proved useful, interesting, and informative.