The Hamburger as a Product of American Culture


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The Hamburger as a Product of American Culture
Tom says about Laura in Tennessee Williams’ seminal play, The Glass Menagerie that “She lives in a world of her own -a world of - little glass ornaments.” Though this is specifically talking about Laura’s fragility, it can speak to more people than just Laura’s character. In essence, we all live with little glass ornaments or items that are precious to us every day. These items make us who we are and also color the world that we live in. Every item has a history, and one history that is intrinsic to American identity is that of the hamburger. The hamburger, though symbolizing both good and bad components of America, is a worthwhile and historic product of American culture.
Roland Barthes says...
The end:
.....hy and should not be consumed daily. Still, they can be indulged upon on special occasions, to commemorate their embed in American culture. In fact, it is hard to avoid a hamburger if one tried, but its significance is definitely an important thing to recognize. A Hamburger is an important object in the identity of America. It represents big business, rugged individualism, American uniqueness and tradition. Though the hamburger is not the most healthy thing to eat in the world, its meaning is important in the history of America and it should be appreciated as a part of American culture. The Hamburger is rich and interesting, and its meaning should be appreciated.
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