The Growth and Challenges of Ecotourism and the Tourism Industry


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The Growth and Challenges of Ecotourism and the Tourism Industry
The object of this essay is to explore the relation between the ecotourism industry and the tourism industry in general. Namely, I argue that ecotourism enables the tourism industry to expand into a market, namely ethical consumers, who would otherwise refrain from participation in the tourism industry. In service of this thesis, this essay will first explore the definition of tourism and the potential harms which are associated with the tourism industry. Then the essay will describe varieties of tourists who refrain from travelling on account of these potential harms, and finally, this essay will explore how ecotourism presents a means of overcoming these challenges. As a...
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...... Likewise, we might also expect that the growth of ecotourism business practices will also encourage greater social awareness of ecology and our natural environment. These two processes will no doubt profoundly influence each other.
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