The Great Literary Works of Solomon


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The Great Literary Works of Solomon
The Book of Psalms and the Book of Proverbs share a superficial thematic similarity of adoration of the Lord; however, beneath the surface, the writers of these books emphasize radically different aspects of the divine character, and suggest different—but complementary—models of human behavior in response to that character.
Just as the wisdom of Solomon is a byword, it is fitting that the Book of Proverbs emphasizes the role and importance of wisdom, both as it manifests itself through the Lord and as it can be developed and applied by human servants of the Lord. This theme is established quickly, in the first chapter of Proverbs (“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,”...
The end:
....., life-long approach to accumulating wisdom and instead calls for a complete and sudden collapse before the Lord. Proverbs, on the other hands, emphasizes the wisdom and patience of the Lord in leaving so many chances and signs of wisdom for humanity. Even as examples of Hebrew poetry, there are major differences between the two works, such as the greater use of antithetical parallelism in Proverbs. The differences between the two books do not indicate a divergence in emphasis, but may indicate that the true servant of the Lord must balance wisdom with fear, subservience with meditation, and reason with surrender.
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