The Global War on Terrorism Since 2001: An Analysis


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The Global War on 
 Terrorism Since 2001: 
An Analysis
     Do statistical evidence, comparative analyses, and case studies indicate that terrorism as increased since the beginning of the Global War on Terrorism, or do they indicate that it has it decreased?  This topic is very important because terrorism is an issue that affects everyone regardless of where they live, what their ethnic heritage is, or what their religious beliefs are.  Examining and analyzing terrorism and the effectiveness of counter-terrorism responses through statistical research, comparative analyses, case studies, and assessment of variables is also very important, for doing so reveals the causes of terrorism and indicates what must be done in...
The end:
.....le measurements are valid because the reported data is recorded through controlled variables and uniform surveys such as the Country Reports on Terrorism, and do not rely on extraneous variables. The measurements may not be entirely reliable because interpretations of the War on Terrorism may vary in relation to the observer’s past experiences.
     Intervening Variables are moderately valid because it is difficult to gauge how much importance respective participants and observers of the Global War on Terrorism attach to respective strategies and outcomes.  The measurements involved may not be completely reliable because a higher standard of deviation exists due to the consideration and acceptance of respective opinions regarding terrorism.