The German Film “Triumph of the Will” as a Great Piece of Propaganda


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The German Film "Triumph of the Will" as a Great Piece of Propaganda
There are many things that make great propaganda. Propaganda is something that influences someone towards thinking a certain way. Propaganda can be successful or unsuccessful. One very real successful piece of propaganda is the German film Triumph of The Will, made in 1935. It is a film by Leni Riefenstahl about how great Hitler and the Nazi party is, and how important they are to Germany and the world. It is successful and considered a very important piece of propaganda for three main reasons: the filmmaking, the educational way about it, and the glorification of the Nazi party.
Triumph of the Will is a great piece of propaganda because it uses very good filmmaking so...
The end:
.....Triumph of the Will in the 1930’s, because it was such a good piece of propaganda. It is important to understand why it was this way. It was this way through the expert filmmaking, its ability to seem legitimate and educational, and its way of showing the Nazi party. All of these things show that the film itself is a product of its time, and shows well how film can be propaganda. The Triumph of the Will is a very famous piece of propaganda for the reasons of being a good film, being educational and showing how wonderful the Nazi party was.
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