“The Future of Food” on Genetically Modified Foods


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The beginning:
An analysis of the film, “the future of food”: What chemically enhanced and genetically modified foods mean to farmers, to consumers, and to the environment
As the title indicates, this paper discusses the online film, “the future of food.” The paper will explore three troubling themes noted in the video: the negative impact upon small-time farmers; the negative consequences for consumers (who are eating foods the contents of which they know little); and what genetically-modified foodstuffs mean for the environment. All in all, farmers are being debilitated by accusations of patent infringement by powerful corporations; consumers are seeing their well-being put at risk; and the environment is being introduced to seeds that are...
The end:
.....local ecosystems and organisms can be overrun by beings that were never intended to inhabit that area – with tragic results.
To summarize, this film is a devastating critique of genetically modified foodstuffs – at least as they have been developed by avaricious companies like Monsanto. Suffice it to say, we are now dealing with food items that are potentially dangerous to humans, have been little-researched, are plainly a threat to fragile ecosystems, and can bring farmers into conflict with deep-pocketed and bullying multinational firms eager to expand their patent protections as far as possible. It is an outrageous situation.
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