The Future is in our Hands


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The beginning:
The Future is in our Hands
There is more to the future of our business than increasing the numbers of barrels of rum this company sells. There is a responsibility that goes well beyond our family and our shareholders, and even our distributors and their customers. Venezuela is a land of great contrasts. That includes social contrasts. And that means we as a business and as individual citizens have a responsibility to lend a hand to those who need our help, our compassion and our expertise.
, as well as it has helped increase the profitability and customer base of our rum products, is merely the beginning. The beginning of our future. And that future lies not merely in improving our bottom line or developing new products...
The end:
..... are dedicated to upholding our name and our market presence and our superior quality products. But, in this room, you and I have the means, the intellect and the experience and, yes, the ability and willingness to go beyond business as usual. We need to expand our sights. We need to adopt a new motto for ourselves and our company: POR LA FUTURA! For the future!
I am only one man. I can help lead the way. But, I want your help, your trust, your faith and your commitment! Our future is more closely linked with how well we build our society outside these walls than ever before. So, I ask you here and now, to join me- to make our company lead the way out of the darkness! Together, let us make our mark in history- for a brighter future for all!