The Future Challenges of Haiti


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The Future Challenges of Haiti
Sadly, the earthquake that struck Haiti appears to be only a beginning. The island nation’s troubles – set off by that earthquake, continue to grow. Housing is minimal. Water is scarce. Food is scarce. Hope, however, is not. There is a darkly lit determination that has risen up from the rubble and come to characterize both the nation and its people. And yet, hope cannot prosper without the real: that is, hope cannot survive without food, aid, support – and most important of all – a plan of action. Therefore, this essay will propose a plan of action (of sorts). The plan of action will identify the main problems that are currently facing Haiti.
The plan of action will address two sorts of threats to Haiti; one...
The end:
.....ope: “Haiti’s current destitution originate as responses to Haitian strength, rather than as a result of Haitian weakness, corruption or incompetence” (33). Haiti will certainly be helped in the present and future by its determined past.
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