The Future and Environmental Impacts of Public Transportation


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The Future and Environmental Impacts of Public Transportation
The ensuing paper is a research proposal for a larger essay addressing the future of public transportation in western (and probably global) society. Most of all, the final research paper will look at the form public transportation will most likely take in the future: environmentally-friendly buses, incentives to get people away from using personal vehicles when they can use public buses or shuttle buses, elimination of low occupancy public vehicles (which presumably means getting rid of excess buses and establishing a more effective forecasting system that allows for a close synchronicity between population trends/transportation demand and fleet sizes), and integrated overland...
The end:
.....stainable enough. Additionally, the utilization of public transportation may prove to be an energy-efficient means of cutting down on the rampant consumption which afflicts so many countries – particularly in the west. Ultimately, new vehicles, non-motorized modes of transportation, and integrated transportation arteries appear to be the coming “thing.”
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