The Frightening Events of 9/11 and How my World Changed


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The Frightening Events of 9/11 and How my World Changed
This paper looks at an historical event that took place a little more than eight years ago: the terrorist attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon by Islamic extremists. This event was, and remains, particularly impactful for me insofar as I can never recall feeling more frightened by something that did not involve me directly; it was as if many of the cherished illusions that North Americans have about their personal safety was shattered in a matter of moments. This essay will explore the aforementioned historical event, describe more fully its impact upon this writer, and outline the insights gained, the wisdom gained, and the over-arching significance of the event. In the...
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.....onsider each day a blessing: a lot of people measure their lives by how much money they make; I have learned to measure my life by how much I make each day a healthy and positive one – and by how much I let the people I care about know that I love them. In that sense, 9/11 dragged me into adulthood and gave me a life lesson that few other things could have. For that, I will always look upon September 11 as a terrible day that at least offered some valuable life lessons better learned in youth than learned later in life.
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