The Formation of Lifestyle Brands


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The beginning:
The Formation of Lifestyle Brands
This presentation will show that market brands sell goods based on consumer lifestyles instead of on the goods’ use- value. This is possible in our consumer culture, a culture in which individuals have a need to communicate their lifestyle to other members of society. The mediums of this social communication are consumed goods that deliver the message about our lifestyle to others. This presentation will look at the concepts of consumer culture and lifestyle and how these two lead to the formation of lifestyle brand. Further, the retailers shift from the high-end towards every- day goods will be discussed.
We live in a post-modern society that is characterized, in part, by consumer culture and consumerism....
The end:
.....le. Examples of lifestyle brands in clothing are
, Banana republic, Gap and Old Navy. This increasing importance of message, of sign- value, led to the demise of high- end fashion and the rise of every-day fashion retailing.
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