The Five Things That Make Up American Culture


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The Five Things That Make Up American Culture
I am not originally from the United States. Although it is a nation made great by immigrants, technically speaking, I am a cultural outsider. It was therefore a challenge to select the five things I believe make this nation’s culture.
However, after some thinking about the subject, the five things I believe that best make – and describe – American culture are size, movies, cars, fast food and baseball.
America is a big country – 3,000 miles across, and nearly 2,000 miles from top to bottom. That doesn’t even include the mass of Alaska, or the Hawaiian islands. But when I speak of America as being big, I should say it is in the way its people approach their daily lives.
One of the things...
The end:
.....more than 10 times the number of football games. That means a lot more people get to go to baseball games. A lot of people like baseball so much that they go to professional games even if they’re not major league games. You cannot say that about football.
Lastly, a lot of American history is tied to baseball. Everyone knows who Babe Ruth is, or Jackie Robinson. When you think about them, you think about America at a particular time in history. There is little other history like it in other professional sports in America.
Those are the things I believe really comprise the core of American culture. When I think about those things, either as a group or individually, America comes to mind first. No other country even gets attention in my brain.