The Five Stages of Grief in Divorce and the Impact on the Divorce Process


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The Five Stages of Grief in Divorce and the Impact on the Divorce Process
With the divorce rate having hovered around 50 percent for the past several decades, more and more attention has been given by researchers on the psychological and emotional impacts of divorce. While theories about the grieving process have traditionally been applied to cases of death, researchers are finding that using the Five Stages of Grief Model can help explain how emotional issues impact the divorce process.
The majority of researchers are comfortable with the Five Stages of Grief Model when talking about divorce. This model suggests that many people who experience divorce go through five emotional stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and...
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..... the family court system like lawyers, judges, psychologists, and others to understand the Five Stages of Grief Model and how each stage in the model can impact the divorce process. With a thorough understanding of this subject, it becomes more likely that divorces can proceed with fewer problems and delays. And that is always a good thing because it saves money, reduces emotional pain and suffering, and can make it much easier for children who are innocent victims of the divorce.
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