The Five Levels of Reading: No Safe Place


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The beginning:
The Five Levels of Reading: No Safe Place
The story of the book
This book tells the story of Abdul. Abdul is an Iraqi Kurdish refugee illegally residing in Calais, France. He is seeking passage on a smugglers boat across the English channel. He manages to sneak onto the smugglers boat and endures a long and difficult journey to England. The child refugees band together and deal with a range of problems including the violence of the smuggler and the death of one of their companions. The final chapters of book deal with him hiding in a cave in England. They band slowly move into English life by the end of the story.
What is the form, genre,
Who is the publisher, author,
What is the narrative like?
This book was published by...
The end:
.....ans are inferior so that they can continue to exploit them.
Titus in Feed is like the majority of the children in the book. He is exploited by corporations that want to make sure that people keep buying things.
Reading for context-what is the context?
As historical fiction this story takes place in a real place and at a real time. In this case it is 18th Century Boston as the Revolutionary War is just starting. However, the people and events in this particular story are fictitious instead of actual depictions of historical events.
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