The First Nations People of the Arctic: Nunavut


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The First Nations People of the Arctic: Nunavut
Document Based Questions Synopsis
The overall goal of these document-based questions is to build on current knowledge of Canadian Aboriginal Cultures and provide students with new information. The activities will allow students to explore the meanings behind the traditional First Nations way of life in Nunavut and how it has changed or stayed the same. At the same time, the activities will touch on the values associated with a respect for the environment.
This activity will build upon curriculum requirements at the Grade Six level which ask students to be able to describe the attitude to the environment of Nunavut First Nation groups and show how it affected their practices in daily life with...
The end:
.....ain why traditional knowledge is important to retain the culture of a community.
4. Students should be able to explain how climate change is decreasing the ice masses in the Arctic Ocean, and how this change is making it harder for people to hunt and support their families in a traditional way.
1. Students should be able to explain the connection between traditional ways and modern ways of life, and how both First Nations and European methods are valuable. Students could touch on diversity and its value in making a community stronger.
2. Students should be able to explain the concerns of the First Nations people with the idea of a European system of government. Students could touch on historical events that have led to this concern.