The First Monotheist: Abraham vs. Moses


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The First Monotheist: Abraham vs. Moses
In regard to the Bible, the question of monotheism is a very interesting one. The reason being, the Bible is one of the most disputed, analysed, and interpreted texts in western history. For every conclusion there is a refutation; and for every interpretation there is a counter-interpretation. Nonetheless, there are conclusions to be found, and interpretations that can withstand criticism. The key is to avoid getting lost in the forever debatable details and specifics. By following the more general shape of events, answers may be found to Biblical questions. Such a course of inquiry allows for the answer to the question of the first monotheist in the Bible: was the first monotheist Abraham or Moses?...
The end:
.....nological classification would, on the other hand, suggest that Abraham should be considered the first monotheist. Such a conclusion, however, is weakened by its disregard for the legacy of Moses, his laws, and the exodus in general. The expulsion of monotheism from the Middle East was not an individualistic accomplishment. It was a movement that required the strength of a great number of people. And for this reason, it has been found that Moses, and not Abraham, should be considered the first monotheist.
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