The First and Second Emperors


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The First and Second Emperors
This paper will examine Chapter Six of Sima Qians history in order to determine the process by which Qin created the empire in China as well as about the First Emperors way of legitimizing his own imperial authority. Furthermore, the paper will examine Chapter Six in order to analyze the attitude of Sima Qians towards the Empire.
Sima Qian devotes a short introductory paragraph about the First Emperors background, stating that he was named Zheng Zhao the son of King Zhuangxiang and a concubine. He goes on to state that the King died when the First Emperor was young and that the affairs of the state had to be entrusted to his ministers, including Lu Buwei. By this time the Kingdom of Qin had already been...
The end:
..... hasher than the First Emperor his successor who the historian characterizes as unjust made things worse. Unlike the earlier kings, the two Emperors did not understand the harm brought to the nation by suppression and concealment (77) and many of their advisers were either not privy to their decisions or were reluctant to disagree in fear of severe punishment. On the strategic side, the author also points out that the old territory of Qin was well protected by terrain (mountains and the yellow River), while the extended Empire had no such protection. Further, the First Emperor concentrated his army in the capital making the borders vulnerable to the attacks from neighbours.
Shi Ji 6The Basic Annals of The First Emperor of the Qin