The Feminine Male in “Y: The Last Man”


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The beginning:
The Feminine Male in "Y: The Last Man"
The essential concept of Brian K. Vaughan and
Guerra’s comic book series Y: The Last Man is that an enigmatic plague has wiped out every mammal encompassing the Y chromosome. Put in simpler terms, the plague has effectively killed all the men on the planet. The sole survivor of this plague is
Brown and his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand,
of which subsequently undergoes a series of events and situations that can only be possible in a fictitious world such as the one that has been dreamt up by Vaughan and Guerra. A world in which women rule the world would logically and naturally premise the story to contain feminist undertones. Y: The Last Man, however, does not highlight a world in which...
The end:
.....hat does not positively highlight the female species. The story does not highlight the empowerment that women had to undergo with the demise of males but rather their exploitation of their unique position. Despite the fact that the first female administration is established, the story instead focuses on the almost ridiculous fanaticism of the daughters of the Amazon. The only self-sufficient society is the community of
, which is a town of convicted felons. Not only, does Y: The Last Man not make use of the positivity of a female-run society, the story moreover focuses on the feminization of
, the only male in the whole story.
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