The Evolution of Islamic Law


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The beginning:
The Evolution of Islamic Law
This essay will look at the evolution of Islamic law particularly focusing on the concept of 
 and four Sunni schools of law. It will argue that the Islamic legislature evolved from the need to practically implement some of the 
 teachings and that for Sunni schools the inspiration was mostly found in the Prophet’s legacy. Since Islam is a way of life, and not only a religion. It exerts its influence on all areas of Muslims’ lives and the legislature, playing a central role in organizing any community. For example even the taxes are collected for the God’s purposes (Source 3 110). Thus, it was of vital interest for Islam from the earliest days when the Prophet Muhammad was still the spiritual and...
The end: more than any other Islamic law school. He and his students did not consider themselves as lawyers but rather experts in tradition. His work ‘
’ is considered on 
 the most authoritative sources of 
 The development of Islamic law is closely connected with the authority and life of the Prophet Muhammad. His teachings and conduct provided the basis of Islamic legislature that developed after his death out of necessity to develop a coherent system that would allow development of stable Islamic community whose membership was increasing fast in the centuries following the Prophet’s death.
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