The Evolution of Cognitive Psychology over Time


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The Evolution of Cognitive Psychology over Time
This is a brief paper that explores the evolution of cognitive psychology over time. The paper shall define the term, ‘cognitive,’ and shall explain the interdisciplinary perspective of cognitive psychology. The paper shall also describe the emergence of cognitive psychology as a discipline and shall assess the impact of the decline of behaviourism on the discipline of cognitive psychology. In the end, what we find is that cognitive psychology is characterized by a long pre-history before it burst onto the scene around the middle of the twentieth century. At the same time, cognitive psychology appears to have grown out of the shortcomings of behaviourism insofar as the latter could...
The end:
.....hology sprang into action.
What we can apparently say is that cognitive psychology has a long history that began with philosophy and then proceeded through psycho-physics towards structuralism and then towards behaviourism. From there, we arrived at cognitive psychology –and its success and growth to prominence owes much to the inability of behaviourism to answer certain basic questions about the human brain and about the process of learning.
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