The Ethics of Breaking Bad News: Six Steps and their Importance


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The Ethics of Breaking Bad News: Six Steps and their Importance
Part of the human condition is enduring misfortune; tragedy, death and pain are a part of life. Still, those involved in the medical profession have to encounter life and death situations every day. Furthermore, they have to deal with the weighty issues of people they don’t know very well or perhaps have just met. This is why it is important, as a doctor or healthcare worker, to be sensitive and strong when breaking bad news. Because the doctor has such an impact on the life of the person he is communicating with, the doctor needs to be in tune with the needs of his patient. If I was a doctor and was breaking the news of a terminal illness to a patient, I would utilize Robert...
The end:
.....and a bit of understanding of the tender psychological nature of human beings, a doctor can break bad news in a way that will inform, maintain professionalism, and be helpful and of service in every aspect to the patient.
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