The End of Time as We Know it


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The beginning:
The End of Time as We Know it
We all live in the four dimensional reality of space and time. And the constraints of time, of course, are entirely inescapable. We only have so much time in a day, so much time in a week, so much time in a month, so much time in a year; and ultimately, we only so much time to live. Our preoccupation with time is visible all around us. Watches, time pieces, and clocks all signify and serve as a reminder that our time on this earth is limited. The following discussion demonstrates how the Australian television commercial entitled "Optus, the End of Time" plays upon our basic and instinctive understanding that we are in a losing battle with time itself.
Prisoners of Time
As the Optus End of Time...
The end:
.....stands the underlying message – time is something that we cannot escape or defeat. So, let us enjoy one exception to the rule and find freedom with Optus mobile phone service.
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