The Elixir of Leonardo


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The Elixir of Leonardo
One sociological concept of deviance which I have had a unique experience with is alcohol abuse. While I have not been overly abusive of this substance, experiences I have had with a friend of mine really made me think more carefully about consuming alcohol in excessive quantities.
For the protection of the “not so” innocent, I shall refer to my friend as “Donald.” Donald was a musical genius. As a child he picked up musical instruments and was able to learn how to play them with little to no training. He taught himself how to read music and was able to play songs from almost any known type of music on a variety of instruments including piano and guitar. Yet, one of the most tragic things about Donald was that his...
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.....his drafting jobs and the non-Eurocentric club owners and patrons at his music gigs. As a mostly reserved guy, these issues were about the only ones Donald would ever discuss in an excited manner.
Donald probably had a lot of reasons why he behaved deviantly as Leonardo. I certainly believe that to an extent, Donald had deep seated social issues which contributed significantly to his deviance. Just as in the Robert Louis Stevenson classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where an elixir was the catalyst for deviant behavior, Donald may have been simply harboring many issues which found a quick path to the surface through the vehicle of alcohol-fueled Leonardo.
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