The Effects of Sitting Up Straight


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The Effects of Sitting Up Straight
For this assignment, I spent a week sitting up straight in all of my classes. I actually learned a lot about myself and also about posture, in general. Though this was an extremely difficult task, I thought- why not? It’s a learning experience and a class assignment, and I should be open-minded. In spending the week sitting up straight in all of my classes, I really felt the challenge and also became very cognizant of things that I’d never thought of before, like other people’s postures, my own posture, my own strength and concentration and how much concentration it takes to change something even for a limited period of time: one week.
Sitting up straight in all of my classes for a Week made me feel very...
The end:
.....dy, and how unaware I am of my own body. I am also really unaware of how linked that the body and the mind are. The way that I held myself in classes had a hold on how I felt about myself, and how other people felt about me. I think when I got over the awkwardness at times, this was a really good lesson to be learned. I felt serious, more able to concentrate, and taken more seriously. I felt like my body was doing good by having good posture. All in all, I think this was a great experience. Having good postures in my classes for a week really showed me the link between posture and attitude, posture and learning and posture and how people perceive me. This is valuable not only in dance, but in many other professional and personal capacities.