The Effects of Generative (Errorful) and Errorless Learning Processes


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The Effects of Generative (Errorful) and Errorless Learning Processes
Memory Retention and Recall
Our study tests whether or not schematic support has an influence on recall in generative and/ or errorless learning using grocery item prices. Based on previous studies, we hypothesize that lack of schematic support will remove any positive main effect of the generative learning condition. Our alternative hypothesis is that generative learning will be beneficial and that the generation effect will allow participants to recall product prices at a statistically level more than the errorless learning (non-generating) condition, whether or not schematic support is available. Twenty university-level students participated in a 2x2 within...
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.....f experiences processed and stored in the same location in the brain, or does the brain divide our knowledge into different areas, depending on the kind of knowledge it is? Further, longer-term memory tests for retention and recall might help us to understand how memory functions in long-term compared with short term situations. For example, if our participants were tested once again on memory recall for the grocery item prices they learned during our study a week after the initial information was given, would they recall such information more or less accurately? Would the generative effect remain, or would it lessen over time? These and other questions about our ability to learn and remember information could be answered in future studies.