The Difference Women Made in World War II


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The Difference Women Made in World War II
During World War II, women took serious the need for women laborers and the female labor grew by approximately six million female workers (“Women and World War II”). In previous years, women were expected to stay home so that they could take care of their husbands and children. During World War II, a shortage of male workers made it necessary that women join the work force so that the United States could successfully win World War II. A critical essay on the types of jobs that women did during World War II will show why women joined the workforce during the war and the effect of their working on the present generation.
One of the main reasons that women joined the workforce was to help their...
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.....he supplies that men needed in the war would be available. The critical point is the fact that once women had worked at different kinds of jobs, they realized that they could continue to work and to have any type of career that they wanted. The effect of the war was that women continue to work at jobs that they choose and to have careers that they want.
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